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  • A Bit About Me
    Hello My Name is Tony Sivalelli. I have been on a conscious journey into the metaphysical since the mid 1990s. I learned Transcendental Meditation through the Maharishi Vedic Schools in 1996. From there I learned and studied both Scientific Remote Viewing© (SRV) from The Farsight Institute (Atlanta, GA in 1997-2002) and the out-of-body experience from The Monroe Institute (TMI, 1997 & 1998 Faber, VA). I began teaching Basic SRV shortly after. In addition I have researched the subject of UFO's for 25+ years and what I have come to call Not-of-this-Earth Intelligence's. During the course of this time I have authored a book titled 'Ambassadors to the Stars' and presented on/at many public venues including MUFON, IUFOC, cable TV, radio/podcasts, book stores and more. Prior to all of the above, during and to this day I have also worked as a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant as well (More info at the Earth Coach link above on the Menu bar).
  • More About Me
    RV Instructor, Author, Speaker and Fitness Advocate: At the age of seven, I had an eye-opening experience (literally) that made me question our understanding of time. One night I laid down and closed my eyes for what felt like 3-5 seconds and opened them. Then my mother came into the bedroom and said something to the effect that I had to get going for school. I remember responding something to the effect of "I just closed my eyes." She proceeded to open the bedroom curtains and to my surprise, it was much lighter than I remembered - which I thought was just a few seconds ago. She told me “You just had a good night’s sleep.” I remember thinking to myself that I have had a good night’s sleep before but nothing to where I just felt my eyelids close and then open and all of a sudden it was morning. I also remember that I was not tired. Nothing more came of that strange occurrence. Fast Forward Early Teens It was during junior high school for an Independent Reading class I checked out the book Chariots of the Gods by Erich von Daniken (NY, GP Putnam, and Sons, 1968). I found it to be very interesting. It was about the idea of ancient astronauts. The idea is that Earth may have been visited many thousands of years ago by space travelers and that many of the ancient megalithic structures we have come across over time were designed by what we might now call extraterrestrials (ET's). The author, Von Daniken, often asked “what if?” at different locations on our planet Earth, humankind was directed not only in architecture but also in other areas such as agriculture, astronomy, in many of our beliefs, and much more. Young Adult We now move forward in time and again another book came into my awareness as a gift titled Embraced by the Light by Betty Eadie (Gold Leaf Press, 1992). It was about a woman who had what can be called a near-death experience (NDE) who from there related memories that could be construed to what many call an out-of-body experience (OBE). Eadie said she met spiritual beings who were not of this Earth during her astral travels. One chapter of Ms. Eadie’s book hit home for me and it was called Many Worlds. During this chapter, she allegedly went to other planets with a spirit guide and became aware of other beings and some were also space travelers. This once again brought out the theme of potential extraterrestrials. More Research and Learning Fast forward and the next thing to catch my attention was the Fox TV show Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction (Fox, 1996). This documentation was about an alleged UFO crash in Roswell New Mexico during July of 1947. It spoke of a potential government cover-up. This film supposedly came from a cameraman who somehow had kept extra footage he took of the event, who then waited many years before coming out about it. He then sold the film to a businessman, which then led to the process of broadcasting it. I recall watching the film and thinking “well this autopsy may or may not be real” but as the alleged witnesses were interviewed, I did feel strongly, based on the sincerity brought forward by several of them, that there was no question “something” out of the ordinary did take place in Roswell during 1947. It was after viewing that documentary that my interest climbed. From there I viewed other media formats and went to libraries and book stores to begin a reading frenzy on the subject of UFOs and ET's. This interest expanded to other areas relating in part to the said subject matters. Also In the 1990s I was in the midst of owning my own business. As most might suspect this plight has both its ups and downs and I had both. At times it was challenging not only fiscally but sanity wise. During the better periods I began to travel. I attended over 20 UFO conferences during a span of 15+ years (IUFOC, MUFON, etc.). I visited certain locations. I spoke with many researchers, several scientists, military people, also alleged UFO contact and abductees. I learned scientific remote viewing (SRV) and studied the idea of the out-of-body-experience (OBE). I actually felt the so-called paranormal, kept me normal and helped put things in perspective. I then began to explore some of the sciences even further. This included both the macro (ex space) and especially the micro (ex quantum physics). I also looked at genetics and after further research surmised that Earth’s oceans were also very interesting. Remaining Objective? I have tried to remain objective about all that I had come to learn (potentially true and untrue) while trying to understand from what is perhaps a limited perspective (considering the magnitude of many of the aforementioned subjects) and that just perhaps there is a reason things just do not “come out.” Perhaps there may be different ideologies involved and in charge of such information. One side feels that maybe the best way, and from what I understand may already be going on, is a so-called plan to release data slowly. You cannot go from “no, something this profound does not exist” to “yes” it does overnight. Yet, if released incrementally each subsequent generation may become more open to the idea of what I have come to call Not-of-this-Earth Intelligence's and that there are many star systems and galaxies with this potential. The aforementioned understanding may then lead to the potential understanding of other-dimensional existences, the idea of universes within universes, a theory gaining traction among several theoretical physicists. Then later our ideas and understandings of time may begin to change as well. Some scientists (including Albert Einstein) have hypothesized that on some level – “All-time exists all the time.” Much of this perhaps may be tied to greater learning of what we currently call quantum physics. However, there may be another side it seems which does not want anything to change in terms of how we currently understand our different sciences, history, and more. They understand information can often be controlled and strive for things to remain the same. Heck, there may be 'others' yet that understand a larger picture still with much greater depth and perhaps feel there needs to be a type of yin-yang perspective going on (at this time) in our relative world (and perhaps other worlds) so that anything can be and/or experience any thing! To Believe or Not to Believe I came to understand that there is also misinformation put out. This is done carefully and for various reasons. For example what happened at Roswell in 1947? I have come across several theories. Was it aliens from another star system? A weather balloon? Past humans from a base on Mars? Time Travelers from our future? Our very own Earth-based scientists experimenting with genetics and technology? Beings from another dimension? Could it have been a smokescreen to use later for some other reason? Perhaps it was a combination of things. I learned to just take information in, compare it, note if there are patterns anywhere, use intuition, etc. and let things play out - without having to conclude anything, besides the universe(s) and the idea of God/Source/Infinity are just too big to put into a box so to speak. A Full Circle which became Philosophical I began to look into the idea of what is often called the 'soul' which in culmination eventually led me to believe that we may all be part of something much greater, a type of omnipresent universal creative energy source that constantly creates and recreates (a driving force within most all perhaps) to re-experience. I have philosophized often with all the data and surmised that much has been going on and for a very long time, and yet the potentiality and idea of cycles and simplicity, all while gaining greater understandings, must not be lost. Data Accumulated into a Book Most of the aforementioned and much more accumulated into a book I wrote which was titled Ambassadors to the Stars (Sarge 2011, rev 2015.) From there I began speaking about said subjects on internet shows (Regina Meredith-Conscious Media & Gaia Networks, Sonia Barrett-Sovereign Mind Network, etc.) cable TV (Into the Mystical), radio shows (Kate Valentine UFO Show, Fringe Radio, etc.). I have also presented for MUFON, IUFOC (2004, with the late Jim Marrs), and at many various public venues. Other areas of interest for me are humor (for some sanity purposes), fitness, nutrition, zoology/wildlife, paleontology, nature, and some sports.
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