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      I have spent the past 25 plus years increasing my awareness of a so-called 'Bigger Picture' but before that, an unto this day, I have also helped hundreds of people in their efforts to increase their 'Health & Fitness' which have included much time as a personal trainer, nutrition advocate and motivational speaker.

Here these efforts are all inclusive. The goal is to help bring forth the idea that each and everyone one of us can improve their health and well being and that we are all connected to a 'Bigger Picture'.

My courses and training did not stop with the study of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) at The Monroe Institute (TMI, 1997-98),  Scientific Remote Viewing© via The Farsight Institute (SRV, 1997-2002) and Transcendental Meditation via The Maharishi Vedic Schools (1996).

Additional learning's and teachings include certifications from many leading nutritional supplement companies (ex Nordic Naturals, GOL, Renew of Life, Enzymedica, etc.) to go along with personal training, all which enhanced my previous business of running a Fitness Center in Macomb County MI for over 25 years, 1984-2009.

During this time I was also a competitive bodybuilder and personally trained clients ranging from professional and amateur athletes to business enthusiasts to stay at home parents. Currently I continue to be a part time nutrition/fitness advocate for a local establishment and a remote viewing instructor.

How  I  Might  be  able  to  Help  You:

     What I would do would be a bit different. I will take a 'total' approach inclusive of: Mind, Body and Spirit. Yes, you will get an exercise schedule to follow and nutritional advice to adhere to (much of which is simple and common sense) and I will advocate that you record much of it with a simple daily +/- point system that evokes good habits while learning over time - but we can also include the idea of both meditation and remote viewing into the program.

The latter two will allow us to literally communicate one on one, ex via Zoom, where we will first briefly go over where you are on your exercise-nutrtion program but also to further enhance your overall development by means of meditating with me and then at times after that we will exercise an aspect of your 'Being' through a process called 'Basic Scientific Remote Viewing'© (SRV).

This practice of SRV may help increase your cognitive ability and intuition. It may open a 'sixth' sense to go along with potentially enhancing memory-recall, focus, noticing more synchronicity in your life and more. It is my opinion, and that of many others, that we all have these innate abilities - but this type of training may allow you to develop them which in my opinion is a very important aspect to the process of developing your total 'Being.'

This is a total approach to potentially help make you the best you can be. I will also say, in all my years of educating all the aforementioned - I am a big believer in
not overdoing anything. Therefore in my opinion I feel it is always better to do a little less during your schedule than too much.
(Fact: One can always proceed if a little less is done - but 'too much' of anything and I consider this program also inclusive with your everyday life) may lead to mental burnout, physical exhaustion and compromised immunity. Hence nothing will be overdone with your program - but you WILL be very consistent.)

You may call it what ever you like: A helping hand, coaching, mentoring or bringing on a guru.

The '
Earth Coach' guidance program is $179 for SIX one-on-one meetings. This comes only after our initial correspondence and if you agree that I can help guide you. This initial program will consist of one or two weekly meetings (ex Zoom) to correspond with the following: an exercise and nutrition program that is laid out specifically for you (a hard copy is also mailed out to you as well *see above lower left image*) and we will touch base and go over running questions after, etc. Also there will be meditations and some SRV instruction (if you desire). After this time spent with me you will be on your way with a greater knowledge and self sufficiency to continue your program with more total awareness.  Course Link

I will be available for additional guidance afterwards if you wish. The cost would be $39 for two additional one-on-one meetings (this can include Q and A, meditations and/or SRV Sessions).

As a bonus, if you are of the entrepreneurial mindset ex a business manager or running your own company, or thinking of doing so - you can feel free to bounce ideas off me as I can perhaps give you some feedback as once again I did run a business for over 26 years.

Feel free to get hold of me here via the '
Contact' page found at the top menu. We can set a time to converse about your objectives per phone (or even Zoom) and take it from there. It does not hurt to inquire and I will not push anything. I look forward to hearing from you!

* The suggested program does not replace any Health Care Provider advice. Please consult with your Provider before starting any program. No instruction or individual is to be held responsible for any continued efforts or advice thereof. All is done at ones own risk.

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