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Image of the book Ambassadors of the Stars

Born in Detroit, MI. Tony Sivalelli has looked into the possibility of what he refers to as Not-of-this-Earth Intelligence for over 25 years. In the book ‘Ambassadors to the Stars’ (Sarge Publishing 2011, rev 2015, 391 pgs.) Tony explores the main theme from a variety of angles in which he feels the sum is greater than the parts. This exploration includes, but is not limited to: science, scientific theories, the mind, technology, alleged close encounter events, the role of science fiction and human potential––an area of Tony’s own personal metaphysical studies and in his opinion the key to our next stage of evolution––which he believes may one day include becoming part of a galactic community. This is a comprehensive read for those with an open mind and a healthy suspicion that perhaps we may not be alone in the universe.

Book Reviews

“I found Ambassadors to the Stars to be enlightening, interesting, educational, and informative. Non-believers are sure to have second thoughts and believers will surely be emboldened. It really makes you look outside of the box. This was a great book and I strongly recommend it.”

Julie C., FL

What If? 

    As one's mind is catapulted into the realms of the subjective as well as the objective regions of the mind, body, soul, and the universe, there is an intense dedication to the subject matter covered. The attention to detail is rewarding throughout the presentation.

In conclusion, I will say this book is a bridge built on a solid foundation of factual, theoretical, and metaphysical sciences connecting humankind with the inner and outer universe.

For anyone that is interested in a comprehensive work that covers the potential existence of what is referred to as "Not-of-this-Earth Intelligence," this is a necessary read for you. Personally, I will keep it handy for reliable reference materials that give color, shape, and meaning to the world of the abstract and to the possibility of - "What If?"

Donald MacDonald, MI 

"I like the Type 0-3 civilizations and really liked your conclusion. It tied a lot together. You are now an ambassador to the stars!"

Art S., OH

“Simply - Very Impressed”

Linda C., TX

“One hell of a writing. You did your homework and put it down so the layman could both understand and enjoy it.”

Dr. Stanley Conrad, UFO Researcher for over 60 years, CO

"There was a lot of variety and it continually held my interest. It was like eating beef stew and I really like beef stew."

- Kevin H., MI.

Remote Viewing Project that I was part of via The Farsight Institute titled: 'Mysteries Project: Artificiality on Mars?’   13 min video: >

Russell Targ, Physicist, YouTube video. A good 30-minute video about remote viewing (RV), its history and some of the people involved explained by one of the scientists (whom I have met and conversed with) who was there at its inception.

'The Secrets of Redgate' (2003): I was one of several remote viewers through an organized effort who looked at a series of alleged UFO sightings and abductions that took place in Deer Lodge, MT.

Click Here for a Doc link to articles, SRV images and more.


SRV Redgate image I.jpg

The Farsight Institute: Where I initially learned/studied SRV:

The Monroe Institute: Where I initially learned/studied The Out-of-Body-Experience:

The International Remote Viewing Association:

Tony's interview with Regina Meredith (2012), Conscious Media and Gaia networks

00:00 / 56:38

Tony's interview with Sonia Barrett (2011), Sovereign Mind Radio

00:00 / 1:13:47

Tony's interview with Night Talks Radio / Dec. 2021, Hosts Daniel Breuer and Jennifer Gregerson  1:00:37

Click Here

Tony and Host Adam Rodriguez of 3 PNR dig deep into UFOs, RV, dimensions, consciousness and more on

You Tube podcasts

Click Here (01/'22)


Click Here (08/'22)

Tony's guest appearance with MI MUFON host David Twitchell's Radio Show 'We are not Alone' (Feb. 2022)

Click Here

Tony's guest appearance on 'Calling All Beings (CABs)' host DJ on Deb's Data Dojo Podcast (April 2022)

Click Here

Tony's guest appearance with Pricilla Stone on  Quantum Wytch Cafe  Podcast (October 2022)

Click Here

More Explanations of Remote Viewing

The Farsight Institute:

  Remote viewing (RV) is a controlled and trainable mental process involving what could be referred to as psi (or psychic ability)... Remote viewers use one or more styles to psychically gather descriptive data relating to a "target," which is usually someplace or event at some point in time. All of the various styles of RV require both training and regular practice in order to become proficient. Remote viewing is normally considered a controlled shifting of awareness that is performed in the normal waking state of consciousness, and it does not typically involve an out-of-body experience, hypnosis, an altered state of consciousness, or channeling.

  It is a matter of historical record that remote viewing has been used operationally in the past with some success by the U.S. government for espionage purposes, and a number of books recounting such programs have been published…

The Monroe Institute (TMI):

  The first-person experience of the remote viewing process, the realization that you truly are more than your physical body, that you are a boundless sentient being immersed in a realm of non-local consciousness leads to an understanding of a hierarchy of meaningful interconnections. Such a sense of connection appears to lie outside the confines of space and time and yet, in some way resonates deeply with all of our experiences in the everyday world.

International Remote Viewing Association (IRVA):

  Remote viewing is a mental faculty that allows a perceiver (a “viewer”) to describe or give details about a target that is inaccessible to normal senses due to distance, time, or shielding. For example, a viewer might be asked to describe a location on the other side of the world, which he or she has never visited; or a viewer might describe an event that happened long ago; or describe an object sealed in a container or locked in a room; or perhaps even describe a person or an activity; all without being told anything about the target — not even its name or designation.

Physicist Russell Targ:

  As one of the original scientists that helped put together the first program with fellow physicist Hal Putoff and famous psychic Ingo Swann out of Stanford Research Institute (SRI) during the 1970s, Prof. Russell Targ considers and describes this as a form of Non-local Perception originally described by the Buddhists and others thousands of years ago. He feels only now modern science is now beginning to catch-up. FWIW, he has always emphasized (I and others all agree) to NOT try to name and guess during the RV process but simply ‘describe’ what you sense.

Here are some Institutions that
have studied Remote Viewing:

  The Center for Conscious Studies at the University of Arizona; the Society for Scientific Exploration in Lawrence, Kansas; the Rhine Research Center for parapsychology located off the campus of Duke University in North Carolina; the aforementioned Farsight Institute in Atlanta, Georgia and The Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia; the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in California (the term “remote viewing” was coined there), the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild; the Institute of Applied Physics and Theoretical Optics at the University of Paris, France; the Department of Psychology, University of Hertfordshire, UK; the Society for Psychical Research in London, England; and the Institute of Noetic Sciences in Petaluma, California, along with many more.

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