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       My   'little'  philosophy :
                                                             (Note: For entertainment purposes only.)

During October of 2023 I came across a very interesting topic ‘Does Consciousness form the Universe?' A post put up on the net by Klee Irwin, the director of a company called 'Quantum Research Center' out of California. Irwin works with several PhD mathematicians and physicists. The article came to my attention via LinkedIn (link). This post motivated me to ponder the topic further as I like philosophy. Here are a few thoughts and observations (apx 15-20 minute read, take your time).  The references I use are based on; my own research and experiences, other researchers, scientific theories and also some scientists who are versed on the potentially connected subject matters. I wish to point out that I am not a scientist and in ‘no’ way are any of the hereon referenced or linked pieces of information affiliated with me or even each other. You could even say this short post is ‘For Entertainment Purposes only’.

However, this amateur approach allows me to not be constraint by either conventional wisdom or the ‘current’ academia understandings of the sciences. This approach allows me to theorize, to consider potential findings and/or futuristic type thinking (aka science fiction) and also consider what some in the ‘mainstream’ call pseudo science. This combined undertaking allows me to think outside the proverbial box – where perhaps much of the universe resides and nobody, IMHO, has a total understanding of this complexity.


The term UFO has long stood for ‘unidentified flying object’. This terminology has recently been changed to ‘unidentified aerial phenomenon’ (UAP).

With this said there seems to be, and perhaps for a long time here on Earth, various recordings of technologies that are far to advanced for 'current' conventional scientific understandings. Even the recent U.S. government's appointed Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force (UAPTF) stated in their June 25, 2021 release (p6) (link):


'Although most of the UAP described in our dataset probably remain unidentified due to limited data or challenges to collection processing or analysis, we may require additional scientific knowledge to successfully collect on, analyze and characterize some of them. We would group such objects in this category pending scientific advances that allowed us to better understand them. The UAPTF intends to focus additional analysis on the small number of cases where a UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management.'

Here we go:

In this read I will bounce a bit back and forth and repeat a few things. I will attempt to connect a few dots so to speak. Also, though expanding upon at times, I do try to keep the data relative. I will use some 'common' type examples to help understand some of the science explored all while staying within the general theme. Again, this is all IMHO. 

I like much of Klee Irwin's 'What is Reality' video (2017, Quantum Research Center). It makes some sense. However, I would say most of the collective human mind, at its current level of awareness (with potential for greater), may simply not be able to comprehend the possibilities of sub-atomic physics today - that is the smaller particles inside of atoms like quarks and gluons (note: all the way to potentially transforming geometric figures which theoretically may be the jest of this equation). This notion (sub-atomic physics) is relative to how we initially, on a mass scale, could not fathom the very beginnings of the idea of quantum physics and its very small complexities, starting with atoms to molecules to mass, many years ago.

We do know more now than before. However, I feel there may be cycles of humanity involved, meaning we may have been technically advanced during the past (or even a segments of humanity), then global disaster hits (solar flares, asteroids, floods, wars, etc.) - then a new cycle begins. With said, we will know more in 100 and 500 years and so on (of course depending on where we may be within a cycle). Perhaps at times we reach a type of 'critical mass' and advancements take place, kind of like the idea of the hundredth monkey theory (link), generally explained that as some people become aware of an idea, it allows for a 'group consciousness' breakthrough to take place (a theory proposed by Carl Jung, in his 1916 essay The Structure of the Unconscious). Here beginning with just few people we connect via a type of quantum entanglement ex we connect at a more subconscious level, then a type of neuro-network of subtler quantum energies that we all have within us takes place. This is a theory that is shared by several scientists and philosophers of today. It was partially initiated by physicist Erwin Schrodinger with his experiments in 1935. It may have further historical placation with the 'double-slit experiment' beginning with Thomas Young (1801) and others since. Today the idea of a ‘quantum mind’ is now also a growing hypothesis. Albert Einstein called it "Spooky action at a distance."


I do also feel there may be other dimensions of existence of both time and space involved with both the Earth and its populace. Perhaps we and our universe may all be part of a multi-verse. Maybe we even get 'information' via this route and in ‘time’ this also allows for that type of eventual critical-mass 'breakthrough' in this frequency and its cycle of existence to take hold, aka the third dimension (3D) - here where we live our physical and mental lives. 

Adding to this there is Klee Irwin's (and several scientist’s) idea and explanation of E-8, via the previously mentioned video, think very small sub-atomic particles here (again possibly geometric figures) and that they 'may' have the ability to transform themselves - similar to the idea of alchemy (note: this is one part of The Large Hadron Colliders purpose and research in Geneva, Switzerland beginning in 2010 link). This quantum perspective also compliments the idea of a 'Golden Ratio’ to take place. Usually written as the Greek letter phi (also 1.618), the 'Golden Ratio' can be seen in nature, think flower pedals as they multiply outward, and in math as a series of numbers wherein each number is added to the last, equaling the next ex 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on. The jest here being information (aka energy) can grow exponentially and as the end of the ‘What is Reality’ video states ‘physics places no limit on the amount of energy and matter that can self-organize into conscious systems’ which in and of themselves may network into multiple conscious systems (ex a multi-verse). (note: theoretically the Golden Ratio sequence may be applicable in the opposite inverse direction as well.)

As we learn more about the quantum reality it may also help us understand the elusive 'Theory of Everything'. This theory must include both the theory of relativity (Einstein 1905, think for example pertaining to this subject of the macrocosm / space above - that matter causes space to curve) and quantum mechanics (again the tiny sub atomic particles, ex protons, neutrons, to quarks, etc. aka the microcosm). For the 'Theory of Everything' we ask how might the two aforementioned converge (or perhaps collapse) into what then could then be theorized as another dimension. One way to think of this may be to visualize an upside down pyramid going into a right side up one or an hour glass sand timer (from a tiny micro standpoint). Think also here the idea of 'Black Holes' and 'Wormholes' aka vortexes, stargates & electro-magnetic portals (from a larger macro standpoint). The latter often theorized by many scientists (initially by Einstein and Rosen, 1935) more here in a minute.

How have we come across such prevailing insights and theories? Of course many great scientific minds have contributed through human history and often initially at the expense of ridicule and sometimes even worst. I, along with others, also believe that perhaps 'other intelligence's' further down the road of evolution share with us knowledge at different times. Think ancient astronauts (some leaving archeological and geoglyph messages), ETs, other dimensionals (depending on one’s interpretation this particular connotation could go by several guises ex angels, jin, kachina, etc.) and time travelers, of even our own past and/or future civilizations or any combination of the just aforementioned.

My theory (also shared by others) is that these beings may show a select few among the human race certain things at certain times. Renowned psychic Edgar Cayce and inventor Nicola Tesla are two well known people that had made ‘public’ claims of other worldly intervention helping their individual works during the early 20th century. I and others feel that this has happened periodically, perhaps more so in mass during our ancient history, then later with select individuals throughout more recent human history (all on our current linear time line, think point A to point B ex the year 1400, 1900, etc.). After various information is given to a few people more people afterwards begin to gain these insights and the previously mentioned 'critical mass' takes place (again think hundredth monkey theory, quantum entanglement at a subconscious level, etc.).

I might also add that there could even be a type of ‘Prime Directive’ philosophy that takes place. This is an idea from the science fiction Star Trek series that states advanced civilizations cannot interfere directly with the development of much less evolved civilizations.

This type of information may also begin publicly in a slowly released way on some accounts by others who are in charge, perhaps covertly, of releasing such things as scientific progress during a particular time period (and even to some extent in league with some of the 'others'). Maybe, in our reality, this is the most prudent and safest route and it is also done with some misinformation along the way. Many feel multiple human groups may be involved and some of their own technologies may be well ahead of what is known publicly. The release process of such data and technologies may vary and be both positive and/or negative. I will add that I somewhat concur with this 'hesitant' approach - considering the current state of our collective consciousness is still, well to be frank, quite war-like and selfish. Think here, if powerful new energy discoveries were released into the public - it could be very destructive to the entire planet. Look at our current gun laws and the problems that exist today with less sophisticated weaponry when in the wrong hands (BTW, this may also happen on 'other' worlds as well).

Maybe the negative aspect of this agenda is to keep us naïve, divided and controlled yet, IMHO, many people are also changing in a positive way as more awareness around the globe is beginning to take place. Here I feel another human group is helping us to become informed and aware (maybe through the media and other means) with perhaps additional help from 'others' as well (again ETs, dimensionals, etc.).


I often think of how 'some' of our young are so gifted in certain areas, the idea of Crystal & Indigo Children comes to mind. With said however, this positive approach perhaps is being done in a slow indoctrinated way, over decades of time, as each subsequent generation perhaps becomes more open to greater awareness and ideas than the next. This slower approach will allow us time to understand and adapt. I also wish to state here I am not advocating any positive or negative agenda. I am just trying to look at this idea after years of research from a perspective that allows it to make some sense to me and to be as objective as possible.

Also, as far as a philosophical approach, yes, it may seem on the surface that the macro (again think astronomy and the heavens above) is more about the philosophical way of looking at things and the micro perhaps more about the science (think the tiny, ex quantum mechanics). Yet, as some scientists theorize 'what is above is also below' (and vice-versa) - hence, this is where the quantum piercing into other potential dimensions may take place, again the inverted pyramids, sand timer, etc. from the micro perspective and the aforementioned 'Black Holes' as they may also 'collapse' into another dimension (of space/time) from the macro perspective. All going back to; a potential corroborative 'Theory of Everything' and once again, 'what is above is also below.' 

This type of concept holds true with movement patterns across space as well. Just as moons, planets, suns and galaxies all have their constant respective circular-like swirling patterns (due mostly to gravity and/or centrifugal forces) the quantum world is similar as atoms and electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, etc. all have their constant and in motion elliptical-like patterns as well.  A micro example could be a rock, it appears solid to us and our limited 5 senses (taste, sight, touch, sound & smell), but sub-atomically it is all energy, tiny particles spinning around in constant motion.


A relative macrocosm example here is that a planet from afar can also look like a rock, ex Earth, but up close it is spinning and there are also many moving parts - ex all the life forms moving about on the planet; people, animals, nature, etc.  - down to the subatomic particles in the previously mentioned rock. Again, both ways working to; a Golden-Ratio appearance and into eventually another dimension from either a micro (quantum) and/or macro (relativity) perspective - therefore covering the ideas of a 'Theory of Everything' and 'what is above is also below' (and vice-versa).

I do like to think the universe (multi-verse) is all encompassing and energy/information abound and 'consciousness' (perhaps in layers of higher frequencies, or Harmonics if you will) is the driver as this omnipresent energy (Source, Nature, God, Multi-verse, etc.) is constantly creating and re-creating - out of itself. 

In a perhaps relative comparison here, just like our essence, our consciousness/soul/spirit, etc. desires to create, explore, etc. in the physical form (ex art, music, pro-creating, gardening, etc.) – the physical universe (multi-verse) which is made up collectively of many moving parts (again from rocks to planets, to galaxies, etc.) is also driven by its consciousness (again a type of oversight from a higher frequency). Just as we get inspired (aka in –spirit) to move, live and express our being so does the overseeing lifeforce (ex Source, Nature, God, etc.) on a universal scale as it seeks to create and recreate (out of itself). If we remember our early schooling in science, nothing stands still, energy is always in constant motion and/or changing form (ex creating, recreating, etc.). The 'First law of Thermo Dynamics' states energy never ceases to exist, it  just transforms (aka The Law of Conservation, link).


More Theories and Ideas:

Some scientists theorize, ‘all time exists - all the time.’ That different times could be accessed by means of advanced technologies thanks to greater understandings of things like gravity, quantum mechanics and more (here time travel becomes possible). Also, we, as individuals, may get hints of this concept via our consciousness from 'time-to-time' by means of direct and/or fleeting moments - think for example; remote viewing, out-of-body and near-death experiences, premonitions, deep prayer and/or meditations, some dreams, déjà vu, etc. 

Also, the idea of enhancing our connection to our consciousness and/ greater awareness has always been spoken of throughout our history by Spiritual Masters, Shamans, Oracles, etc. Perhaps we should ponder these advice's from time to time.

I wish to point out that this idea of heightened abilities is not limited to just the idea of 'spirit' either. Although rare there are many documented cases of great acts of physicality and mindful determination as well ex people lifting cars to save another's life or surviving in the wilderness under extreme conditions to name a couple. There have also been documented cases of acquired mental prowess that take place after a head injury (aka ‘sudden savant syndrome’). Here a head trauma suddenly occurs and later, after a reported recovery, the person gains an amazing ability that he or she never even practiced prior to the injury (ex mathematics, artistry, piano playing, etc.).

It is also theorized that we use very little of our true potential, things like our pineal gland for instance, the tiny cone shaped gland behind our 3rd eye (mid brain), may open doors onto far reaching areas. In truth, within our current human cycle, we really are only beginning to understand our true 'human' potential.


Earth is a grain of sand on an endless beach moving in 3 directions of space (ex up, down, left and right, 3D) and in time. Current humanity with its conventional science can barely get to the next grain of sand (ex Mars). Think about that. Yet, our current collective consciousness, under the guise of long standing paradigms and beliefs, has become ‘comfortable’. Many people feel our leaders in their respective fields of study have most all the answers. Yet, is it wise to reduce an infinite universe to our own simple concepts? I think not. Truthfully, we may not be close at all to many answers nor explanations of our universe let alone the idea of a multi-verse (sorry science and religion). After all 500 years ago we thought the Earth was flat and our leaders were quite sure of it. Those who challenged that hypothesis and similar scientific notions were called heretics and met with harsh consequences. IMHO, I feel we are learning (remembering?) more and more as we continue to explore (both the macro and microcosm) and the ideas and studying of things like quantum mechanics and physics is one way of understanding ‘some’ of this.

At some point many of us may question ‘When did all of this start?’ – but perhaps that is a limited 3D mind set in that we understand things as starting from point A to point B, a linear time perspective (example, think of a train on a track, 3D birth and death, etc.). However, that simple yet naive mind set does not fit with the 'Infinite' - what we may refer to as a universal consciousness (again, ex Source, Nature, God, etc.). Perhaps this energy just is, has been and always will be, regardless of what comes and goes in our limited 3D understandings of time and space. Perhaps this energy creates and recreates from itself with a conscious driving force - think again of a higher vibratory frequency/resonating harmonic, aka from another dimension - just like our spirit drives us.

About the idea of dimensions? I will give an example here, picture a radio, on the radio is a dial and from here a particular vibratory frequency rate can be 'tuned' into. Each frequency (radio station) can be a different dimension of space and time (aka one particular universe) and we are simply in what we call the third dimension (3D) of a multi-verse (many radio stations) and we are mostly unaware of other surrounding frequencies (other dimensions). These other dimensions (radio stations) may vibrate at different frequencies and hold within them various other beings and civilizations as well, some of the more advanced civilizations may be able to 'tune' into multiple frequencies (dimensions or universes). This could be done by means of greater technology (previously mentioned wormholes, stagnates, etc.) and/or by means of their own conscious evolution. This concept can go further yet and include 'greater beings' as they have even more awareness of the entirety of the radio itself (the multi-verse) and its working mechanisms and these beings may have developed a group consciousness that can connect at a quantum level and in multiple dimensions (remember the previous scientific ideas of quantum entanglement, a type of network, etc.). Meaning not only can the most advanced beings tune into other dimensions of space and time but they may also seed planets, out of their own innate desire to directly create (note: this could also be done indirectly by means of panspermia, the using meteors, comets, etc. to bring the necessary materials). Later terraforming could begin by the beings using advanced technologies ex structures built, water and plant irrigation, etc. (think again Ancient Astronauts) and later still communication at different times with the various inhabitants of the planet, some by means of advanced consciousness (ex a type of telepathy). Why? Because they desire innately to – create and explore (just like we do).

This can go on perhaps ultimately all the way to the idea of 'One', ex 'Source, Nature, God, etc.' as this total omnipresent consciousness (of energy and/or information) is networked infinitely and subtly connected with all the previously mentioned aspects thereof (the beings, all the dimensions of existence and more) – as it actually created and recreates them in totality (again all is energy) – out of itself.

To make things more complicated this process may be proceeding (evolving) in a loop sort of way, think the infinity loop here and inevitably – in time, we may be going to where we already have been! (note: as mentioned previously above there may be times on a cycle aspiring civilizations do self destruct and/or global disaster hits and perhaps only a segment of a particular civilization may survive).


The idea of access points, to various times and space, via quantum physics and relativity (again the upside down pyramids and/or wormholes and stargates, etc.) might abound within the infinity loop depending on where a civilization is both technologically and/or consciously. Several theorists (in which mainstream science sometimes refers to their works as pseudo science) including Nassim Haramein (director of Resonance Science foundation), Klee Irwin (of The Quantum Research Center) and others theorize the universe operates in a quantum field of waves. That this field of waves is fluid and ever-changing and can come to alleged access points and the idea of both Worm and/or Black holes (small and/or large) can be accessed anywhere if energy is directed accordingly and then dimensional access is opened.​

A little more about 'Time':

I wish to also interject here the concept of time may also be what gives proof to the existence of any matter (condensed energies) - hence any civilizations existence may only be proven by such ‘matter’ (ex archeological remains, etc) and/or other recorded condensed energy means of the said time period.

All of this pondered here, concerning space and time, is not really new and has been explored by science, theoretical science and the philosophical fields for ions. I am simply connecting some dots, adding (as have others) the concept of what again we may call  ‘other intelligence's’ (BTW, I call them Not-of-this-Earth Intelligence's in my own book) - combining that notion with several scientific theories, philosophies and, for lack of a better understanding from a scientific viewpoint - a so-called paranormal / magical twist. Again all IMHO, but others have been and are also attempting to put these same particular types of puzzle pieces together as well.

In 1962, in his book 'Profiles of the Future: An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible', science fiction writer (also futurist and inventor) Arthur C. Clarke formulated his famous Three Laws, of which the third law is the best-known and most widely cited: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” (rev. 1973, pp. 14, 21, 36) - in other words 'Today's magic is tomorrows science'. 

Yes, are perceived individuality is real per say, yet the universe and in particular the grasping of a multi-verse may again be beyond a 3D (and more) mind to comprehend. Yet, perhaps, there is an aspect of us that can - again many scientists theorize about it, miraculous events point to this and Spiritual Masters spoke of it.

Dr. Jaques Vallee (astronomer, astrophysicist,... ) once proposed to describe 'consciousness' in his book Dimensions (1988) as "The process in which informational associations are retrieved and traversed. The illusion of time and space are merely a side effect of consciousness as it traverses associations."  (Vallee, 1988, p 259). IMHO, well put.


Maybe this aforementioned creative, omnipresent energy (Source, Nature, God, Universe, etc.) consciously plays itself out infinitely (again, change is constant and energy never ceases, the First Law of Thermal Dynamics). Here this Source energy desires a type of yin-yang comparative aspect, starting with the illusion of separation, in order for constant creation to take place. To help understand this concept further think about this; if there is no understanding of red, there is no appreciation of blue, if there is no understanding of cold, there is no appreciation of warm and so on. That this creative process is on-going simply so anything can be 'any thing' and even appears more so 'separate' from our less overall understood perspective.


This idea of separation and its perceived illusion may be lesser so perhaps for the more aware and self-realized 'beings' in the multi-verse, some whom may just engineer aspects of our evolution along the way - all in a positive/negative format from our individualistic and limited perspectives. Perhaps this type of hierarchy takes place everywhere (and every when). Just maybe we and everything else in 3D are all parts of this layered, but ultimately infinite process. Perhaps, all things considered, we may even be pawns in some aspects and maybe more so at the lower frequency vibratory/dimensional levels - by others just above. Yet, again as the age old ‘Masters’ have spoken of and some 'others' have communicated to us and some scientists theorize about - maybe we are indeed also part of this greater energy and we do have greater awareness at another level thereof ex our consciousness, soul, spirit, etc.


Perhaps, in a relative sense ‘the world is a stage’. As we look at a play on stage (or for tech types a simulation of digitization playing out) maybe in a relative way our consciousness (soul, etc.) looks at our bodies - and there must be that yin-yang perspective thereof for the play (creating) to take place.  

A relative example; a two hour play (or video) for us to take in at our current level of 3D consciousness is nothing in time. In the play there is good, bad, measured comparisons, etc. that all abound to create a particular story. Well, fifty or hundred years may be nothing to our soul/higher consciousness as our 3D physical life plays out. Perhaps at the levels of lesser overall awareness (again aka our 3D mind set / egos) the yin and yang may seem more divisive ex more duality, joy and pain, good and evil, etc. and yes some aspects can be traumatic and also we all make mistakes at times as our lives take place – yet, on our 3D journey such things allow us to learn and /or actually remember and our higher state of 'being' is actually observing from a different perspective, perhaps with more objectively - as this orchestration, in part directed by 'others' (and maybe our own higher selves), all plays out. Throw in that we each have numerous characters playing/acting at different 'times' (aka past and future lives, remember the radio dial tuning into different dimensions of our existence) - and hence that complexity of our 'being' just may help substantiate that we are indeed more than we often give ourselves credit for.

Philosophically, my simple brain and being feel, as do many others feel (while many others may hope) that there is a Source / Nature / God / a Universal Consciousness, etc. (yes, I know to try not to sound ‘New Age’ and ‘Religious’ per say, but the to-may-to / to-mah-toe reference comes to mind here). I must also say I do not feel anyone from anywhere (or when) can put this 'concept' in a box ex fit a particular paradigm or belief. 

IMHO, there is design to the universe (aka Nature). Behind every design is a driving force. Therefore if there is a driving force, and all is energy - there is indeed consciousness behind it. This totality may simply be beyond our current understandings – and yet it might even actually be simple and a part of us may be part of it!

It is said one goal of 'Metaphysics' is to bring together the ideas of science and spirituality - talk about a philosophy!

Our sciences, psychology and our philosophies of past and present have all pondered on it.  Our various Spiritual Masters have spoken definitively about it. My very own practices, which have included over 20 years of remote viewing (also the teaching of students, colleagues and their results) and the study of the ‘out-of-body experience’ via The Monroe Institute ‘have briefly sensed it’ – that perhaps we may be more than what can be ascertained by our five senses, that there may be ‘something’ transcendent about us.

So, I will ask you here to think once again on a twofold question:

What could we tell from a drop of blood 500 years ago?

 It was red; it stained… really not much more.

What can we tell from that same simple drop of blood today?

Our past and potential future health scenarios. Close to an entire genetic profile, including much of our ancestry, locality and more. Remember, everything comes from ‘something’.

Well, say in 25, 100 or even 500 years, we discover there is in fact an underlying essence to us, call it what you wish; soul, spirit, consciousness, psyche, an energy/information residual, an electron network, magnetic resonance, etc. Within this underlying essence there seems to be an inter-phase of what is in this dimension (3D) and perhaps that of others. That this essence of us is not restricted by time or space, nor is it reduced to a singular personality. I now ask you - what is this essence, that part of us (our soul, consciousness, etc.), what is it inherently a part of?

Remember, everything comes from ‘something’.

IMHO; an open mind, a little healthy skepticism and a sense of humor may be needed (human - humor that cannot be a coincidence). To combine this to go along with faith that there is, and/or hope that there can be - something greater. This simple approach may help us keep things in perspective as we all continue on with our journeys.

Also, never underestimate that we should try to be aware of our thoughts (an actual energy). To be especially aware of our consistent thoughts which can turn into our attitude. The stronger the emotion attached to a thought the stronger the imprint it can have on our being (for better or worse). It is more than scientific theory now that our thoughts may very well affect us at a quantum level (ex the works of Dr. Joe Dispenza and others, again it is all energy). Action follows thought, whether positive or negative.


Keep in mind that giving at certain times without the expectation of return – may be the best way to receiving and that sincere prayer and meditation may help our intuition come forward, which can often be sensed in the form of subtle feelings and ideas. These just aforementioned concepts can be positive things to help us stay the course (awake and aware) - to all that which may be an Infinite Conscious Universal Energy Source - which we may indeed all be part of​

Quotes to help keep things light:


Agent K to Agent J: “Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.”

- Men in Black (Sony Pictures, 1997).

Marty McFly: "Wow, that’s heavy" 

Dr Emmett Brown: “There's that word again. 'Heavy. ' Why are things so heavy in the future? Is there a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull?” 

- Back to the Future (Universal Pictures, 1985).


Q: "You're not alone, you know. What you were, and what you are to become, will always be with you... "

Capt. Picard: "When I realized the paradox?"

Q: "Exactly. For that one fraction of a second, you were open to options you had never considered. *That* is the exploration that awaits you. Not mapping stars and studying nebulae, but charting the unknown possibilities of existence."

- Star Trek: The Next Generation: S7, EP 25 (series finale)


Thank you to all the various referenced data and links. Thank you the reader for reading this and Source for inviting and allowing me to share some thoughts and ideas about a potential conscious universe.  Light, love and peace to all!

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Images courtesy of: Wiki, NASA and Pixabay

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