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  • Best Value

    Basic SRV Course

    or Earth Coach one-on-one course
    Valid for 2 years
    • 11 video Classes (Classes 1a - Class 8) apx. 30-90 min ea
    • Basic SRV© Phases 1 through 5.
    • You will have a target to view during most Classes
    • Q and A segments on video
    • You will learn to create targets and pools of targets
    • Can download the manual created by The Farsight Institute®
    • FOUR 1-1 live Session with Tony. 
    • You must request the one-on-one session. Please contact Tony
    • It is best to do the 1-on-1 at end of the Course
    • Access folder with additional 25 targets to use after Course
    • Can be done on your own, with the manual, or included audio
    • Can request decorative memento sent to you after completion
    • A Single Session with me can be done at any time for $49.00
    • The videos have audio by Tony, PowerPoints, and illustration
    • The videos are closed captioned every step of the way
    • You will also learn how to do Basic SRV on your own.
    • DL of 25 additional Targets to view with audio guidance
    • Earth Coach: Six live one-on-one remote sessions (ex Zoom).
    • Earth Coach includes; exercise, nutrition, meditation & SRV
  • Two 1 on 1 Sessions

    This may be any combo of SRV or Earth Coach sessions
    Valid for one week
    • Two Single Session(s) with me can be done at any time
    • This can be done via Zoom or phone (if you wish no camera)
    • They will be scheduled in advance based on schedules
    • Contact me for this.
  • Group Workshops

    This discount is for special promotions only.
    Valid for 2 years
    • This is a special offer for the SRV Basic Course
    • Will be for groups of 3 or more students
    • You get same list as the Basic SRV Course
    • You learn in a group setting (ex Zoom, etc.)
    • Ea student gets access code to Video Course on-line also
    • Dates and times for each Live Group Class to be determined

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